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Intercultural Communication

How to collaborate efficiently with colleagues of other cultures

“We all like diversity – as long as everyone acts like we do”

This course can also be booked in German, French, Portuguese
or multi-lingual.

In most teams today there are people of different cultures (for example nationality, language, profession, gender) working together.

Very often, we only realize this fact when it comes to difficulties.

Those of us knowing of these problems have the advantage of being able to avoid them.


  • This course is an opportunity to develop intercultural competence and to improve teamwork in culturally mixed teams



  • lectures and discussions
  • case studies, training in groups
  • practical examples taken from the participant's personal experience
  • practical ideas and hints and how to use them


  • employees and management staff of all levels


  • definition of the word "culture", how to distinguish different cultures,
  • trade marks of different cultures, reasons for misunderstanding
  • to get to know more about yourself, your own values and your own culture
  • how to recognize cultural differences without prejudice and how to describe them
  • teamwork and management in mixed groups
  • how to communicate successfully
  • how to perceive, treat and resolve conflicts


Your trainer

Monica Schori (trained teacher, graduate of Lausanne Hotel Management School, trainer, consultant and mediator), since 1989 owner of Schori + Partner, Küsnacht (ZH).

She offers trainings, consultancy and development in the following:

Management and organization, project management, customer service improvement, intercultural communication, conflict management

Duration 2 days, 08.45 am - 17.30 pm
Location Olten/Zürich
Fee CHF 950.- per person
(including documentation, refreshments and lunch)
Dates on request
information and registration
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